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  • Opening dedication of the practice

    Surya Namaskar Vinyasa
    Sun Salutations Shiva Namaskara Vinyasa
    Special Expanded Sun Salutation
    Flow sequenced to move the spine completely within its natural range of motion

  • Benefits of practicing Dharma Yoga

    A closing dedication that seals the results of the practice and empowers the students to make progress in yoga.

  • Dharma Yoga stationary poses

    Balancing Poses
    Forward Bends
    Spinal Twist
    Deep Guided Relaxation in Corpse Pose | Yoga Nidra
    Pranayama | Breathing Exercises: selected essential techniques
    Meditation | curated to match perfectly with the class level

Our Center

Sri Dharma Mittra teaches regularly at the New York Center and our Dharma Yoga Registered Teachers (DYRTs) at the New York Center have all been trained by and remain students of Sri Dharma. All DYRTs that share Dharma Yoga at the Dharma Yoga Center are graduates of our world-renowned Life of a Yogi teacher training programs, exhibit a tone of respect and caring that extends to all who come to learn from us. They demonstrate poses, offer clear verbal instruction and adjust and support the students they are guiding deeper within each practice.

  • Dharma Gentle

    Easy Beginner Level 


    Extended Warm up Sequence

    Simple Standing Postures and Stretches

    Basic variations of key postures such as: shoulder stand, forward bends, back bending and spinal twist

    Extended Deep Healing Relaxation

    Beginner Pranayama 

    Simple, Accessible Meditation 

  • Dharma I

    Introduction To Basic Yoga Concepts

    Beginner Level 

    Options Offered For Most Postures

    Introduction To Pranayama

    Potent Basic Meditation Technique

    Excellent Place To Begin Your Dharma Yoga Journey

  • Dharma II

    Advanced Beginner / Intermediate 

    Chance To Advance In All Areas Of Practice — Progressive From Dharma I

    Introduction to Headstand

    Main Pranayama With Locks (Bandhas)

    Special SoHum Meditation 

    Appropriate For All Levels

  • Dharma III

    Intermediate / Easy Advanced Level

    More Advanced Inversion Options such as Forearm Stand

    More Advanced Posture Options

    Main Pranayama With Locks (Bandhas)

    Powerful SoHum Meditation 

    Appropriate For All Levels With Some Experience

  • Dharma IV

    Advanced Level

    Additional Advanced Variations of Yoga Postures 

    Introduction of Mudras (Yogic Seals)

    Main Pranayama With Locks (Bandhas)

    Meditation On the Self

    Powerful Mantra for Purification

Specialized Practices

  • Dharma Yoga | Guided

    Dharma Yoga Nidra Provides Instant, Pure Energy

    This Energy Is 100% Natural

    One Session Equals 1-3 Hours of Deep Sleep, One Hour of Meditation or Two Hours of Yogic Exercises (Asana), But Is Superior to Them All

    Go Beyond Ordinary Waking Consciousness

    Your Thoughts Become Powerful and Creative

    Calms the Mind

    Tap into the Boundless Joy That Is Already Within

    No Special Clothes, Props or Mats Are Needed To Practice

  • Maha Sadhana |

    Ideal Yogic Blend of Practices

    Will Lead to Incredible Physical, Mental and Spiritual Results

    A Chance To Experience a Broad Selection of the Best and Most Efficient of the Breathing Techniques (Pranayama), Mantras, Postures (Asana), Meditation and Deep Healing Relaxation (Yoga Nidra)

    Chanting of Divine Mantras, Including the Om

    Esoteric Wisdom To Help Set the Right Vibration For Practice and Help You Make Rapid Progress On the Spiritual Path

    Complete Experience of Asana

    Main Breathing Exercise (Pranayama) Will Be Taught and Practiced

    A Rich Experience of Guided Meditation In Shavasana

    Joyous Asana Satsang Jam

  • Maha Shakti |

    All Level 

    Asana-centric Complete Practice 

    Stretch, Energize and Strengthen the Entire Physical Body

    Sustained Internal Concentration

    Complete Yoga Nidra



    Powerful Mantra

  • Charging Practice | All Levels |

    Newest All Level Asana-centric Practice From Sri Dharma Mittra!

    Practice Sequenced To Charge You With Pure Energy

    Stretch, Energize and Strengthen the Entire Physical Body

    Achieve Deep, Sustained Concentration

    Yoga Nidra: Guided Meditation In Shavasana

    Recharge and Rejuvenate the Entire System

  • Master Class | Intermediate – Advanced

    All Level and Advanced Level

    Asana-centric Practice Featuring the Main Yoga Poses and Advanced Variations

    Stretch, Energize and Strengthen the Entire Physical Body

    Find Concentration Internally 

    Full Experience of Guided Meditation In Shavasana ~ Yoga Nidra

    Advanced Pranayama

    Seedless Meditation 

    Powerful Mantras

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