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Excerpts From Sri Dharma Mittra’s Opening Lecture From the January/February 2022 200-Hour DY LOAY TT

(The following quotes were drawn from the opening lecture Sri Dharma Mittra offered as part of the January/February 2022 200-Hour Dharma Yoga Life of a Yogi teacher training program. Sri Dharma always uses this as an opportunity to share regarding the eight limbs of traditional yoga, and then explains the five Yamas, or ethical rules of yoga in depth, as well as the five Niyamas, or Yogic practices. While some knowledge Sri Dharma shares on these topics is consistent from teacher training to teacher training, Sri Dharma often uses different examples to illustrate different points. Regardless of this, he never fails to emphasize that without Yama, there is no yoga. The basic information included in this lecture is included in The Dharma Yoga Teachers’ Manual by Sri Dharma Mittra and, of course, the curricula of our DY Life of a Yogi teacher training programs should you wish to explore further.)

The beginning of Self-Realization is to see yourself in others. From there, Divine attention. Without steady practice, no success. Without compassion, no enthusiasm.

Some of us have treasures from the past that allow us to start further along in the process than others.

Yama is for purification of the mind. Niyama is also for purification. The beginning of all impurity is where we originally came to existence. Our ignorance leads to basic unhappiness as things come and go. Ignorance of your own True Self leads to all the other impurities and impurities are on all levels.

The Asanas are like a Divine Hand from outside helping with the process of purification.

Through realizing that everything is perfect, we become fearless.

A Sannyasi is one who renounces reality to find G-d. These are older souls who were already householders and had families in the past. 

Today, I feel like my compassion is really deep. Next week, tomorrow, in constantly watching myself, I realize there is still more work to do. Try to use most of your energy for keeping others happy. When you do this, all beings everywhere get a touch of it.

Surrender means: take me — I am not the doer.

From happiness, you have your enthusiasm.

In yoga, we are going to the Self of Brahma — the Self, or essence of the creator. It’s what existed before creation. From within the creation, that is not easy to realize.

Only you know when you should surrender totally: take me.

Contentment is according to the Laws of Karma and your acceptance that everything is perfect. Everything is according to the Divine Plan.

Sitting on a wool blanket helps the mind go beyond material vibration that pulls the mind down. It has the same effect as sitting on the traditional deer or tiger skin.

Going away and bringing it back (the attention) many times is concentration. Very soon, you’ll be able to keep it there. That’s meditation.

Everything that we enjoy is like a drug. The mind tends to get attached to it and wants to repeat it.

The route of everything in keeping Yama and Niyama is deep in the mind: the causal body.

All beings are on the same road that we are on: moving towards G-d. 

Everything is the Divine Love expanding.