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New Years 2022 Self-Realization Hints From Sri Dharma Mittra

These are drawn from three of the lectures Sri Dharma Mittra offered as part of a Dharma Yoga Life of a Yogi teacher training in the fall of 2019. Sri Dharma says that how one begins something is of great importance. The first day of the new year, if you start the day with a coffee in one hand and a cigarette in the other, that sets the vibration for the entire year to come. So, start it with good things like yoga, most especially Dharma Yoga. Happy New Year and good to all!

One cell: there is Atma in it, too. That Atma is changeless, immutable, incomprehensible. It is a portion of G-d exactly the same as G-d dwelling in you formless, changeless.

Who is trying to understand Self Knowledge? The ego.

Consciousness is dying to expand.

The ego is still part of the illusion: the separation.

The Real Self is even beyond the grasp of the gods. They can understand through knowledge, but what it truly is is beyond form. 

Before creation, only the “life”.

We always keep the ego. From “here”, you have to realize the knowledge. You have to go beyond names, beyond forms, beyond religion, because the senses work on all levels.

Are you happy with the way your body is? Most people are not.

Prana generates the body of thoughts.

Don’t get married so fast. Like at the restaurant, you should try a little bit of the food before you order. Be patient and become friends first.

People who have the ability (discrimination) to see what is right, what is wrong, what is important, they say they have light / intelligence. 
Belief is not enough.

Who is understanding all of this? The mind and the senses.

The Self is always witnessing without participating.

You have to reflect day and night on the Koshas, especially the last two.

I am the witness of body/mind activities. Realize the witness behind the witness.

No one is more special than the other.

Everything that starts the same is the same. Everything is infinite.

Remember, the ego is part of the illusion.

When the mind becomes pure enough, the answer is already there. You are the source of all purity and impurity.

Many things are according to your karma.

Don’t miss it. You could die at any moment.

In meditation / Samadhi: for some, the breath stops.

My guru said that as soon as you are born, you are beginning to die. But, it’s good to go slowly. Those who are identified with the body really suffer.

Whatever’s happening, you have to dance with it. Don’t worry about it. I see so many people here restless. Imagine you are going to stay there forever. Choose the pose you can stay in forever, and then you are surprised. “Oh, it’s finished already? It seemed like it only took one minute.”

When your compassion expands to all beings, you have to watch out; control your compassion.

If you get anything for free, it’s poorness of spirit. There is always an exchange; nothing is free.

If you don’t want to offend, don’t speak, or think bad thoughts. The ill feelings hurt, too, but on a subtle level.

Many people are silent outside, but inside, like a talking machine!

Before you teach, you have to be in a state of Sattva. Lie down, relax a little and try to remember who you really are.

I heard the guru say the same things many times for years until I finally understood what he was talking about. Some of it is on the psychic level. This just takes time.

If you want to attract good things, do a harder thing first and change yourself. Then you attract the right conditions.

Surrender helps us to be in harmony with everything.

If you have the knowledge, you know all this is passing away (whatever you are passing through).

Everything is inside you; nothing outside matters / is real.

If you’re calm enough, use perception, you’ll be able to find it (the unmanifest).

Don’t worry: everybody passes through everything. 

I’m going to practice yoga now. I am tired of suffering.

You may notice: every day, only a few moments of bliss. All the rest: worrying.

Your worst enemy is your own self. The other self is always doing something else due to attachment.
As you go deeper into the Koshas, it looks like you become cold (emotionally).

If someone falls in the street, be the first one there to help them.

The beginning has no beginning. Whatever you create from reality is reality itself. There is no beginning: it’s infinite. The universe never ends — creation never ends. There is a state of mind when you set the mind into silence when you are everywhere. All that we see now: it looks like it has a limit. Whatever is available here to be aware of is due to our limitations. That is how G-d manifests to us. As you keep going, this goes higher forever. 
Only by understanding can you understand.

Never expect anything from your actions. Then you have no selfishness.

Do you know any prayer where you are not asking for something? Be grateful. How grateful I am to be here! How beautiful and perfect everything is! Don’t ask for anything. He will give everything to you.

(Image: Fabio Filippi; Intro: AF)