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The New Life of a Yogi 50-Hour DY Teacher Training Program

By Barrie Rosencranz, 1000-Hour DYRT

The new Dharma Yoga Life of a Yogi 50-Hour Teacher Training is essential and perfectly balanced; one that teachers and students can easily integrate into their lives today.  Whether the aspirant is new to yoga, or well seasoned, this latest program format is for you.

The Easy Complete Class, created by Sri Dharma Mittra himself, is truly accessible to participants of all ages. It is clearly and exactly the simple essence of true yoga practice. The 50-Hour TT speaks to all the joys of life! It will methodically and professionally take your capacity and depth of knowledge to new and exciting levels.

This training reminded me of a passage from the first page of The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: “When the mind is settled , we are established in our essential nature, which is unbound consciousness.” This new 50-Hour TT brings that passage right into my heart and mind. How to achieve the ability to share this concept with others? Participate in this awesome 50-Hour TT, remove your self-doubts and gain confidence in your teaching capability, or grow your own practice to a richer, more meaningful level!

As a student, for the duration of the daily training, you can deeply explore your own practice with complete support and guidance of the experts. Additionally, you have access to the classes online for 12 more month to reflect and re-do a class if you wish. I wholeheartedly enjoyed studying poses and their attributes, deep healing relaxation, and clean lifestyle.

Exciting classes in the new 50-Hour DY LOAY TT course include: spiritual discourse, Dharma Yoga Classical Wheel Class, Self Knowledge and Spiritual Kirtan, assisting and adjusting classes, and, of course, breaking down / studying and embracing the New Dharma Easy Complete Class. I personally loved studying and eating the Ahimsa-based Dharma Yoga Diet and participating in the live online vegan cooking class. Lastly, it’s a true gift to hear the beautiful mantra sessions.

For the duration of this training and even now months later, I continue to reflect on that I learned when I practice inner focus with meditation, pranayama and asana. The Dharma Yoga Center continues to deliver in a beautiful atmosphere, whether  live in person or on Zoom, a warm welcoming nurturing and education focused 50-Hour training intensive experience.   

Imagine studying with the most knowledgeable and devoted professional teachers in the world! They will be organically guiding you towards your own inner strengths, so you can then practice and teach with confidence. In this manner, your personal yoga teaching techniques will evolve and endure throughout all stages of your  life. When there is knowledge gleaned, no one can ever take that away from you. 

During each Master Class, Sri Dharma gracefully and along with us, teaches the teacher trainees his personal methodologies and expert ways to release tension in our bodies and minds, thus making way for new concepts and teaching principles. During his wisdom filled discussions on compassion, Ahimsa, he heals the student from the inside out, passing the techniques directly on to the teacher trainees, creating a patterning that can be used as students confidently move out on their own into the world to teach classes and share the yoga.

Having participated in the 500, 700, and 800/1000-Hour teacher trainings already, I can speak to the inner freedom, power and mental clarity that this 50-Hour Dharma Yoga Teacher Training provided. I dove into this 50-Hour TT with gratitude and glee. It was truly awesome! It’s not a replacement for past knowledge, but an affirmation that all past knowledge can be transformed, revised, and revitalized to suit what students around the world need in these times.

To understand the self…in the subtlest form of self-realization we all seek. Looking back, I think: “Wow, what a truly fabulous and unforgettable week!”

Barrie Rosencrans has a background in Dance and Nutrition Counseling, and is the Director of Dharma Yoga Ohio. Barrie has a Masters degree in Human Metabolism from Case Western Reserve Medical School and she specializes in teaching/sharing  all levels and aspects of Dharma Yoga. 

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